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The bitcoin price will fall after February 18, and a new cryptocurrency will emerge in late or early to take its place. Neither of these things is remotely novel, until another phrase is dropped into the mix — quantum physics.

The Quantum Astrologer’s Handbook

In reaching her conclusions, Ms Vasyanova professes to have combined conventional astrology with quantum physics, based on the annual cycles of bitcoin. March-May : Market manipulation will occur. The report continues in that fashion right into , for those who care to glean vague long-term market predictions. While most people will laugh off the entire story, if bitcoin bombs dramatically after February 18th and stays in the doldrums for another six months, Ms Vasyanova can consider herself fully vindicated.

Commenting on the feasibility of bitcoin astrology is beyond the remit of news.

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However, one matter that should be pointed out is that Human Discovery Platform , to which Ekaterina Vasyanova is affiliated, just so happens to have its token sale starting in a week. Speaking of coincidences, the period starting November which the astrologist spoke so optimistically of falls a month after Human Psychology aim to release their MVP, powered by their HD token.

Most bitcoiners will give short shrift to astrological mumbo jumbo, but traders can be a superstitious bunch, it should be noted. Assertions that can be found doing the rounds include the notion that a new moon is good for the markets whereas a full moon is extremely bad. Going by that reasoning, could the close passing of Jupiter and Venus in the past 24 hours represent the intertwined fates of bitcoin and bitcoin cash?

Philosopher (and Capricorn) Martin Cohen says star signs deserve a serious look

Let us know in the comments section below. Need to know the price of bitcoin? Check this chart. Over the last few months, the interest surrounding cryptocurrency derivatives products has been growing fast. But is he there, or here? Dr Michael Brooks Quantum physicist, author, podcaster, journalist. Add your comment. Nice topic and good questions Natasha.

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  • Thanks to all who put the program together for our listening pleasure. I note that one of the early protagonists of modern science and philosophy, Rene Descartes, claimed to have received a message from an angel who said that the conquest of nature is to be achieved through number and measurement. The Greek philosopher Socrates also claimed to have a daemon who he consulted with in theorising his thoughts and hypothesis.

    Quantum Vedic Astrology - The Mind, Karma and Vedic Astrology

    When Amazon tribal shamans are questioned about the origins of their spiritual knowledge, they claim that they communicate with their ancestors during drug induced ceremonies. I think that our modern obsession with the subject object dualistic view of the phenomenological world is what blinds us to how the world actually is. For example; the notions of here and there, me and you, us and them, mine and yours, big and small, past and future, life and death are what we use to provide us with a reference point from which our egos make sense of the world.

    We have become so conditioned by this dualistic thinking that we find it difficult to cognize the possibility that every 'thing' is everywhere at once in an eternal now reality.

    Quantum mysticism

    At what point specifically can it be said that water and dirt become a tree or that a tree becomes water and dirt when in fact, everything is dependent on everything else for its momentary existence in time. It's the fundamental error that science makes in the way it categorises natural phenomena by separating one process from another.

    It forms concepts like physics, periodic tables and species but forgets that all concepts are one in reality. Hence we burn coal and think that it has no link to other worldly phenomena because our dualistic theories maintain the illusion of safety and security within a theoretical bubble. Reply Alert moderator.

    The Canadian Media theorist Marshall Mcluhan commented that we navigate into the future by looking in the rear view mirror. Our models of what lay ahead are based on inverted models of the past in the hope of finding certainty in an uncertain world. Whilst we use technologies like language and description as navigating tools, we will always be off course in our aim, forever correcting and re-correcting our calculations towards a target unknown.

    Acts of prestidigitation that produce lasers, particle accelerators, fighter jets, mobile phones and other widgets, are about the limit that science can offer us in a culture devoid of meaning and dominated by numbers and distraction. To make real progress, we have to transcend the false idea of a closed logical system and accept that there is no intellectual closure through the effort to describe.

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    To live in and accept the light of paradox is where we will find the freedom we seek, lest we simply become just another disposable cog in some hideous piece of broken cosmic machinery. The only obvious reason why one particle can influence the other whilst seemingly separated is that it is the observer who is doing the influencing. If a kangaroo could explain how they observe such a phenomenon, I would guess that the kangaroo would gain a totally different understanding from the way they observe in comparison to our way of observing and concluding.