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They only think about themselves. As someone who attended college during the golden age of digital cameras called PIXMA or ELF, all stuffed with memory cards overflowing with photos of nights spent young and drunk and free from both responsibility and guilt—photos that incidentally needed a place to live and to be shared—there are literally thousands of pictures of me on Facebook.

Nobody needs that many pictures of themselves, much less of me, and now my life between the age of 21 and about 24 is just about as well remembered by anyone who cares to go clicking and liking as it is by me. Be a gentleman. Hold a door or walk on the outside of the sidewalk. Ladies is gentlemen too and you can hold the door for anyone of any sex. Just be thoughtful and helpful to all people.

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Be cognizant of how food makes you feel after you eat it. That is just as important as how it tastes. A lovely cheese pizza just for me. And I would house that thing and then lie on the floor in basketball shorts and blissful contentment. I still love pizza almost as much as I love my girlfriend but if I eat more than one slice or so my body gets apoplectic at me.

First impressions stick in heads like a Carly Rae Jepsen song. Be accountable.

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Show up on time. Do what you agree to do.

Celebrating a Deceased Loved One's Birthday

These are all key aspects of being a grownup. Listen to enough music so that you have five or six songs in the chamber at any given time that emotionally just cut you open and spill your guts.

Fire them up loud in your headphones to enhance or create awesome moments that are only your own where, at least for the length of that song, you are pure purpose and meaning and dazzling energy shooting forth from your eyeballs. Make and keep habits that take wasted thought out of our life. Put your keys in the same place every time.

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Buy enough headphones so that you can just put headphones everywhere and you never spend time looking for headphones. You get worse at making decisions as you make a bunch of them throughout the day, so create structure and conveniences that let you save your cognitive energy and best decision making for the places you actually need it.

Your twenties are a great time to try a lot of different things. You are allowed to — and should — see a lot of the world, make a lot of friends, kiss a lot of people and try a lot of new skills. Figure out what matters to you, focus on those things and let the other things fall away. Forget about fear of missing out. Keep the people you love close and spend time doing the things you love. Be focused on what you care about in life and cut out the rest of the noise.

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It is just noise. Be careful with alcohol. Tread lightly. Carry around a notebook and a pen all the time.

I like Field Notes brand notebooks. Write down your half-baked thoughts, your fully-baked ideas and your recipes for no-bake cookies…and your manifestos and song lyrics and plots and schemes and sonatas and haikus and limericks and calculations and anything else in your head. Nobody ever needs to read any of it but thinking is a muscle and the voice in your head has some real shit to say.

The more ideas you come up with and the more you see a thought through to its conclusion the better you will be at both. The more information you bring out of your head, the more information it will provide. Yeah, you can actually get better at thinking.

15 Uniquely Different 30th Birthday Ideas to Help You Celebrate in Style

Plus looking through your old notebooks is like a time warp back to parts of life and places in your mind you forget about. Lead rather than follow. Tim reminded me of what I learned so well in my experience during the golden era of Hip Hop, which is to create your own style. When others begin to use your style, just keep it fresh and switch it up. Be brave and bold. I know Tim was way more comfortable in the studio than in most other places that music took him. But he learned to step out and embrace millions of fans with his live performances. He was nervous, but he did it anyway. While other performers had the usual lasers, pyro and girls in bikinis, Tim shared the stage with musicians and singers that helped him craft a groundbreaking album.

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